Barbeque – Solution To Cleaner & Safer Cooking

Summertime and barbecue cooking is a common site the world over. It is a time for fun, frolic, good music and a healthy well cooked barbecue cuisine. A barbecue grill is a commonly used bbq cleaning san diego CA by applying heat directly to the food. Traditionally, there are two kinds of barbecue grills, the charcoal and the gas fueled respectively, which are used for cooking. But since the last 40 odd years, there is a growing demand for infrared grills.

An infrared barbecue grill uses infrared rays to heat food unlike the conventional heat convection. Infrared is a much faster medium to heat and prepare food. It heats up till 1000 degrees which is much more than the charcoal heat source which remains at 700 degrees. Infrared grills were first developed by Thermal Engineering Corporation in 1961 when they were developing infrared curing processes for paints and dyes for automotive companies.

The idea of introducing infrared grills was born at that time and then initially it was experimented up on by some restaurants. The company later patented the idea and developed their own grills on the original lines. After 25 years unhindered supremacy, the patents expired and now there are many companies which manufacture infrared barbecue grills.

There are various views regarding the use of infrared for cooking. Some of the more conventional cooks opt that the traditional way of barbecuing on the charcoal or gas-fueled grills are much better. Even though it takes a bit longer to cook, yet the basic essence and the taste remains intact while there is always a chance that the food will get over cooked in the infrared grill as it heats up the food in a couple of minutes.

Another diametrically opposite school of thought suggests that infrared barbecue grills are better as compared to the conventional ones. One of the enthusiasts of infrared barbecue says that “Infrared has done to the grill business what the microwave did to the indoor kitchen. ” According to them, infrared has opened new vistas for consumers who are fond of grilled food.

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